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UITF or Unit Investment Trust Fund. 
Many investment gurus consider pooled funds like the UITFs as one of the most practical vehicles for growing your investments. However, it is important that Client Investment Suitability Assessments show that you are qualified to invest in these pooled funds. Once qualified, the next step is to ascertain that you are comfortable with your choice of UITF investment. This article will help you choose the right UITF investment for you.

Your choice should conform to the length of time you can afford to keep your funds invested and the amount of risk that you are willing to take in order to achieve your desired returns. Generally, funds that are invested for shorter periods yield lower returns and are less volatile or risky. On the other hand, funds that are invested for longer periods achieve higher returns but because of the tenor, such investments are more exposed to volatility, hence more risky.

BDO UITFs in the Risk-Time Horizon Ladder

This investment truth is clearly seen in the above table which presents an investment ladder that shows the position of each of the BDO UITFs in terms of increasing degree of investment risks taken and the recommended time horizon for each fund. Note that the performances of BDO UITFs since inception have been true to their investment objective, with each classification of funds delivering yields commensurate to time invested and risks taken since their inception dates. 

The BDO Money Market Funds occupy the lowest step of the ladder as these funds are offered primarily for risk-averse individuals and corporate investors. The short time horizon of the funds gives returns relatively on the low-side but are relatively higher than those of savings and time deposit accounts.

BDO Peso Money Market Fund’s Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) since inception stood at 4.71%, beating the CAGR of its benchmark 91-Day T-Bill. The same is also true for the BDO Dollar Money Market Fund with CAGR of 3.50%, higher than the 0.63% CAGR of its benchmark Bloomberg Philippine US$ Savings Rate. In order to minimize risks and maximize earning potential, participants of these funds are recommended to stay invested for at least six (6) months.

The Bond Funds (BDO Peso Bond Fund, BDO Dollar Bond Fund, BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund, BDO GS Fund, and BDO Medium Term Dollar Bond Fund) are developed for investors who are risk tolerant and who have longer investment time horizons. These funds are more volatile but posted higher returns as compared to money market funds because of the tenor.

Participants of BDO Peso Balanced Fund and BDO Equity Fund, the funds with the highest level of risk and longest time horizon and occupying the highest steps of the ladder, are recommended to stay invested for more than three (3) years in order to minimize risk and maximize earning potentials. These funds are suitable for risk-taking individuals or corporate investors who seek potentially higher returns through stock market investments but are also aware of the possibility of capital losses that such investments may entail. These funds posted a CAGR since inception of 13.80% and 20.18%, respectively, the two highest among all BDO UITFs. 

The performances of the different UITFs, as measured by the average annual compounded returns since their inception dates, lend credence to the investment principle that the key to investing is time.

Consider your time horizon
Given this investment insight, here is what BDO Trust has to say. If you wish to earn the highest returns, do so by investing in riskier funds, and to actually attain such returns, you must be prepared to remain invested for longer periods of time as this enables you to weather temporary volatilities that may occur along the way. These funds include equity and balanced funds such as the BDO Equity Fund and BDO Peso Balanced Fund. Also included are the intermediate-term bonds (BDO Peso Bond Fund and BDO Dollar Bond Fund) as well as medium term bonds (BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund, BDO GS Fund and BDO Medium Term Dollar Bond Fund). 

However, if you can keep your money invested only for a short period of time, it is best that you put your money in low-risk funds such as the BDO Peso Money Market Fund and BDO Dollar Money Market Fund, as these will provide you liquidity and above average returns compared to regular time deposits.

But keep in mind that investing too conservatively over the long term is also risky because your money may not grow enough to achieve your goal (e.g. retirement savings), especially when you consider that inflation erodes your purchasing power over time. If you have longer time horizon, you may increase the growth of your savings by investing in longer tenor bonds, equities, or both.

Thus, when you are aware of the investment principle that the key to investing is time, there will be no investment surprises.

Review your risk tolerance
Your ability to tolerate risk may also change over time, and you should take this into account when you predict the growth of your portfolio. Most young participants are able to invest in funds with higher level of risk. But it is highly recommend that all UITF investors should regularly update (at least every three years) their Client Suitability Assessment as their time horizon shortens or as other life circumstances make it more important to have a steady fund balance (for example, you could be getting married, having children, sending them to school, growing a business or planning to retire). You need to continuously review your financial goals and make sure you are on the track where you want to go.

*Yields as of 12/28/12 are compounded Annual Growth rates since inception of the funds; historical investment performance presented above are purely for reference purpose only and not guarantee of similar future returns. 
For this type of investment are readily available in all BDO Branches nationwide u can ask BDO marketing managers in a branch discuss everything you want to know about this investment. for more information u can visit 

Disclaimer: Information presented are for educational purposes only and not guaranteed for high returns. Remember the higher the returns the higher the risk.  Aral muna bagu invest "~Aya Laraya"

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